Expert-standard falling-prophylaxis

The Deutsche Netzwerk für Qualitätsentwicklung in der Pflege (DNQP) (German Network for quality-development in the care sector) has – like already also in other care-relevant areas – let develop through a group of experts the „Expertenstandard Sturzprophylaxe“ (Expert-standard falling-prophylaxis).

The Expertenstandard Sturzprophylaxe“ is a care-standard. Therefore it is primarily dedicated to qualified nurses.

In the end however, it is an instruction manual for all that are dealing with people that are vulnerable to falling. So it can be understood as an instruction manual for the reduction of risks of danger.

Goals of the expert-standard:

Requirements of process-quality:

Implementation of threat-analyses
Information and advice for the persons concerned
Creation of an action plan with
      - interventions (Excercises)
      - adjustment of the environment
      - personal auxiliary means

Requirements of the result-quality:

Systematic risk-analyses are available
Persons concerned and nurses are informed
Planned actions are implemented
Individual supply of auxiliary means took place and is getting evaluated
Statistics about falls, near falls and consequences of falls are made