Reduces the danger of falling and its consequences
Gives more security and high comfort of wearing while walking
"Two-Zone" Anti-Slip-Profile (VAKUSTOP) without plasticizer
Consists of high-quality, skin-sympathetic cotton
Pressure-free elastane cuff in the ankle area prevents slipping and cutting-in
Self-forming forward section of foot and hand-linked finishing seam
Gentle and smooth plush-padding in the whole inside of the sock

VITANESS GehSicher! is developed based on scientific studies, especially for elderly people and can help contributing reducing the danger of falling at home.

During the development of VITANESS GehSicher! we have complied from the beginning and consequently with the requirements and necessities for an effective prevention of falling.

Unique is the special "Two-Zone" anti-slip-profile. Studies have shown that a differenciated "deceleration" is more effective and saftier.

Therefore VITANESS GehSicher! has small anti-slip-profiles with smooth, slip-inhibiting effect in the front area. In the mid-section of the foot and on the heel there are special, bigger slubs with a stronger slip-inhibiting effect.

Through the seperate array and different sizes it is prevented that in the front section of the foot there is an equally strong stop-effect as is the heel-section.

Only this graded profile-design enables a smooth deceleration - as recommended by experts.

VITANESS GehSicher! is a good solution for prevention of falling not only during day but also suited for the night.

The Expert-Recommendation

"Mobility-restricted people should wear socks with slip-inhibiting profile during night. Thus it can be prevented that the nightly going to the toilet becomes a dangerous slipping act with heavy consequences for health because of falling." 1)2)3)

1) Study of the Geriatrische Institut Ulm/Alb-Donau, 2002
2) Study of slip-resisting socks, Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus, Stuttgart, 2006
3) Study: Redufix, Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus, Stuttgart, 2006


black  |  anthracite  |  marine  |  beige  |  light grey  |  cobalt blue  |  cherry-red  |  fir green


 S (35-38)  |  M (39-42)  |  L (43-46)


90% cotton, 9% polyamide, 1% elastane

Art. Nr. 100100